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The Manual of Life – CounterTerrorism

Posted by Admin on December 24, 2008

This small book is divided in three sections
1. SEAL plan. a small guide by which one can seal his place to a level that it
becomes next to impossible for them to do their “ performance”
2. Some practical tips and tricks to defeat terrorism which is in no way complete but
they can give you a few pointers.
3. A theoretical approach to the business of counter-ideology. download Non-Encrypted here

there is another book which is written exclusively for law enforcement agencies and govts.
however it is encrypted. it is encrypted because it is highly politically incorrect( in every sense of the word) download Encrypted here


One Response to “The Manual of Life – CounterTerrorism”

  1. imran ali sultan said


    i read your book on counter-terrorism, found it very helpful. i am incharge of security operations in one govt organization. i want to access your second book on counter-terrorism but it is encrypted. can you help me in this regard.


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